La Jolla beach abstraction

What makes this image expressive?

I wanted the viewer to wonder if this were a close up or a drone image or maybe even an alien planet ?

Specific Feedback Requested

composition and impact

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Thanks Larry for this one, certainly asking some questions. The immediate thing I must address is the consequences of every single thing in the frame. We cannot put little stickers on images that say “do not look here” Every single pixel is important, and has an impact.

Screenshot 2022-09-08 at 09.52.54

Including the tripod legs in the frame is a sure way to blow the question “is this a drone or a view of an alien planet” out the water.

When we post images we are making a statement about ourselves ,our perspectives, emotions, imagination and values. One of the things I strive for is a simple one:

Care has been taken…

If something is in an image it is because it is supposed to be there. If I leave in a sensor spot, or an errant tripod leg, then I am saying “I have been careless.”

Moving past that, then yes, images like this can work. I like the surface, which does feel very alien to me.

Hopefully you’ll take my feedback in the spirit it was intended. Thanks for the image.

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Yes I did leave the tripod leg on purpose. At first it might be a drone image but then you see the tiny tripod leg in the corner and it still could be a landing probe on another planet, OR Fake news.
Thanks for your feedback.