Laguna Flood #3

This is another from the same day as my two previous posts, in a local area that floods after a heavy rain. But the special photo opportunities there are not common, as the rain needs to move on and allow a clear, cold (by our local standards) night to give some morning ground fog. And it’s challenging to wade through the muck to get to these good spots.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments welcome!

Technical Details

Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 5.14.52 PM

Minimal tonal work in LR and PS. Re-worked in the new versions.


I sure like the mystical nature of this…makes me stop on contemplate.

Love the moody feel and the wonderful soft colors, Diane! Very nicely seen and captured.

Wow, this is a wonderful shot, Diane! I love how the magenta blends into the blues. The mist, trees, color and reflections in the water gives this photo a very mystical look. I like it very much.

The beautiful pastel colors transition so softly. Wonderful reflections.

I agree, this is simply lovely Diane. The subtle colours, the reflections, the almost fogged-out (if that’s a word) trees in the background, really nice. The distance between the foreground trees and the background trees seems just right. You obviously had a busy, and boggy, time there.

So much atmosphere. And the subtle colors are lovely. Definitely deserving of an extended view.

This is my favorite one of your series. Love the shapes and the reflection, and the subtle color you captured. Love it!

Hey Diane! This is just a lovely shot and a great one to look at as I drink my Monday morning coffee. I honestly don’t have anything to say about the composition or technical that could improve upon it. You know me though… I always suggest playing with other crops, but it looks like this one works really well with the mood of the photo.

Very nice minimalism; the delicate look of the branches in the fog and reflections makes this a beautifully-realized work of art.