Last Light

Mt Hood at sunset.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
D800, 70-200 @ 200mm + crop


Hi @Dan_Kearl,

What a beautiful sunset. The light is very appealing and i like the contrast between the snow and the dark rocks on the mount.

I would just make two small adjustments.
Re-crop to hide that top part of the sky, that banding in the clouds its a bit distracting IMO.
And, maybe, cool down the overall image just a bit, to cool the shadows and create a nice contrast with those gorgeous light areas.

I bet it was a amazing moment to experience this sunset light on this scene.

Dan - beautiful shot of the mountain. I don’t find the crop distracting but wish it had been a little more panoramic with more of the cloud formation showing as it appears to be a lenticular shape sitting over the mountain top. But even without that I get such a feeling of the environment you were in to capture the image. Well done - thanks for sharing.

I love the warm light and all of the details that you captured in this mountain sunset. I prefer the break in the clouds at he top of the frame. In fact, I might prefer even a wider look at this composition, but this is really nice as presented.

The light is magic, Dan. Such wonderful details in the larger version. I would agree with crop crowd and go with the just the lenticular cloud, and a wider image to see more of the magic. Great telephoto work.

Beautiful light and color here Dan, a great illustration of the power of telephoto extraction. The warm sunset light is really gorgeous. The only nit I have is that it feels like a tad too much dark space in the LRC. I might consider a crop from the bottom which cuts away half the distance from the bottom frame edge to the lone rock that is in the foreground snow. This reduces the dark space in the LRC, while leaving most of your leading line in the LLC.

Beautiful light on a great scene. I would go opposite of some of the suggestions and add a little canvas at the top and give the cloud a little more breathing room above it. Otherwise, everything looks great to me.

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Stunning image. The cloud on the top doesn’t bother me. I agree that the image is slightly too warm and that decreasing that a bit might be a good thing.

Thanks you all for the comments and suggestions, this is about 70% of full frame so I have more above and of course I can cool it down… I am not sure…really appreciate the response.

I’ll add my voice that this is a really special image. I wondered if the top crop might work better, but I think the power of the cloud itself would lose context. I agree that a panoramic image would also be very interesting, but think it is fine as it is. I would be interested to see it with the shadow areas slightly cooled, but I very much like the image as it is -I am not sure what I think of Ed’s comment that there is too much dark in LRC, it doesn’t worry me really, but I can see that persective… Dan, I love your pic., and thanks for letting us pore over it!!!

Dan, I like it as is (my personal preference is for warmer for shots like this) . Absolutely beautiful. Where were you when you shot this?

Thanks, Jim
I was several hundred feet above Timberline lodge to the east toward White river canyon, that is White river glacier at the bottom of the frame.

Really nice image Dan. The light is great. The black part of the mountain is balanced by the larger white snowcovered parts. A nice S-shaped line leading into the picture. The mountain standing out against the soft background and so on …