Latest Lightroom version crashing

I installed the latest version from the Creative Cloud a few days ago, and I keep getting crashes and hangs when I try to merge to HDR. (Maybe with other things too – haven’t been able to run it enough to tell.) Mac Pro, 10.14.6 (Mojave). I’m already working in sRGB because of the earlier issue with custom monitor profiles and NOW THIS!! When it hangs I have to do a hard shutdown.

Looks like I need to uninstall and go back to the previous version. Another user on the Adobe Forum with the same computer has the same problem, and also with PS, which also has a recent update.

Depending on the age of your Mac Pro and the specific GPU, my first suggestion would be to go into your LR preferences and disable the GPU acceleration. Exit LR and restart and see if that makes any difference.

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Thanks @Keith_Bauer. I had done that for the previous version and went to check it was still off, but now I see three options – use, don’t use and auto – I don’t remember ever seeing that before. (And I would, if I had looked…) It was on Auto – I set it to Off, quit and restarted. Will report back. (I hope not in 3 minutes!)

Thanks @Keith_Bauer – That did it!! MANY thanks! No more crashes after a quick workout, using the same things that was bringing it down before. BUT now Merge to HDR (7, 1 stop apart) is just giving me exactly the middle exposure!

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In the Merge to HDR window, after it finishes merging does it say “All 7 images successfully merged” in the upper right corner of that window. If not, what does it say?

It does. And now I see that the final merged image is slightly different from the middle exposure, but only very slightly. I can do better with the Shadows and Highlights sliders on the middle exposure. When I use them on the merged file I get only a very slight improvement – maybe 1/3 stop or less. It doesn’t seem to matter in the final balance if I check Auto Settings.