###5D2, 17-40L, CPL

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

There’s no photo, I think :slight_smile:

Beautiful fall image, looks like the northwest, and the ferns growing on the tree trunks make it especially interesting. I’m a little distracted by the frame, but I like the image itself very much.

The color in this image is beautiful and natural looking. The trees have an interesting character which makes them compelling. I do feel like the trees get lost a bit with the busy background though. I wonder if this might be a great scene to experiment with shallow depth of field.

Very nice. I love how everything sort of blends together, but not quite, and it’s possible to pick out the leaning trunks. My only thought is there is a bit of a halo around the upper part of the center trunk. I thinks it’s entirely natural, but would consider burning it down.