Lesser Spikemoss

While “chasing” wet flowers in the yard after some rain, I noticed that the spikemoss (Selaginella densa, I think) that is a partial ground cover in the high dry plains of Montana was nicely perked up. Here’s a look at one nice clump, at nearly life size using a 40 shot stack. (R5, 180mm macro, 1/320 s, f/10, iso 800, tripod)

What a neat find, Mark. I’m not familiar with this ground cover, but you sure did a fine job capturing it. I find my eyes traveling through the image, enjoying all the shapes, shades and texture. This is one of those images that would make a nice jigsaw puzzle. Quite an abstract. 40 image stack, huh? This is making me look forward to the R7 since I think it has the capability of stacking within. I also have the 180 lens, so I think I will be pleased with it. Great shot!

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Mark: Wonderful textures and shapes. Frame filling fantastic. >=))>

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That stuff is fascinating! You found a very nice composition with a different morphology in the UL than the LR. Wonderful stacking!