Letchworth State Park (they call it the Grand Canyon of the East)

I was expecting a lot more from this place with everyone recommending I go. It was pretty, like just about everywhere on this earth, but the hiking was non-existent. I attempted a shot at landscape photography.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D3400
ISO 100
Adjusted exposure, shadows, highlights,etc and got rid of some telephone lines.


Very lush landscape and framed up nicely. I like the amount of texture in the water—not too fast or slow of a SS.

It’s hard to tell on my screen, but I think some of the highlights in the waterfall are blown out. It might’ve taken bracketing exposures and then exposure blending or HDR to keep information in those whites while the sun is out.

Lastly, I’d probably crop in to remove the out of focus foliage in the foreground. Actually, if you have the reach with a telephoto zoom, there’s some really nice dappled light in the distance. If this was shot at 55mm, it might’ve required 200+mm to get in that far though. Zooming way in, past the largest waterfall in the midground might offer a nice composition with atmosphere from the spray and some interesting layering.

Thanks for sharing!

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I will echo @Adam_Bolyard 's comments.

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@Adam_Bolyard Thanks for your feedback and looking! Now I know I can just ditch it! :slight_smile: