Thanks for all the feedback; Have updated it a bit (toned down highlights of background and recropped to 2x3)

Was finally in a position to capture a Kingfisher diving in the water to try to catch a fish. With my great D500, was able to capture 8 continuous frames of the dive and egress from the water.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Any feedback welcom

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Any feedback is welcome

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Nikon D500 with Nikon 70-200 + TE1.4, shot at 1/1250 sec, F4.0, ISO 560, 270mm
Used LR and Topaz Studio2 AI Clear.
(If backgrounds have been removed, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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A very cool image, EJ. The splashes look like it actually submerged and came up in a slightly different location. It’s neat to see the bird emerging like this. I can’t wait to see the entry shots.

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Wonderful action captured Ej. I might try to tone down the light marsh grasses in the far background to feature the bird and action a bit more. You could also crop the grasses out completely-to just above the top of the splash and go with more of a 2x3 composiiton-which would eliminate the brightest areas at the top.

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Hi Ej, I really like the action captured here. The splashes are great and really convey the impact in the water. The blur on the bird doesn’t bother too much as it conveys the speed and motion that is going on in the frame. This must have been really cool to witness.

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Great advice! Thank you