Light on the Landscape: Photographs and Lessons from a Life in Photography



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Full review here: Review of ‘Light on the Landscape’ by William Neill - Exploring Exposure

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I recently bought this based upon a recommendation in the internet. The photos are beautifully reproduced. There are several stunners in there. Even though the book contains articles I feel that the images are the main draw. Here is my favorite and what I feel is his most creative image. Would be interested to know which ones you liked.


I’m a sucker for tress so these are the ones that caught my eye:

I felt the articles were quite good, albeit a bit random at times since they are a collection from over the years, and they can be a bit too technical at times, but there are nuggets of inspiration no doubt.


I also recently bought this, and am only through page 75. I’m finding William’s essays very inspiring. I don’t do a lot of landscape photography, I think because I don’t live near beautiful wide open spaces. One theme is to go back, over and over, to a favorite place, even a park or nature reserve (both of which are near me), and get to know different seasons, light, and weather. I’m finding William’s words very inspiring.
Also, his essay on building a portfolio…going deep into a theme or subject of interest, where our unique perspective and creativity will come through.
Through page 75 there are two images I love the most!


I read this back in January, I believe, and a lot of it resonated for me. I actually need to go back and re-read parts again. I’m in a different place than many here, and as a beginner it helped synthesize some of my thinking and clarify some things for me. I have been flipping back through again to see which images jump out at me, here are a few:


Thanks for all of the comments and for sharing your favorites!

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Thanks for your feedback. This image appear in the film Star Trek Into Darkness!

I love your choices! But then again, they are all my children…


That is really cool, it would be interesting to hear the strangest places your photos have ever been used. I feel like there are probably some stories there. Almost like the US movie stars who go to Asia to film commercials knowing they won’t be seen back in the U.S.

I am sure that is hard, I hope to have that challenge some day :rofl: