Lightroom publishing issues

I have been going nuts for weeks with LR constantly trying to re-publish images I have on my web site. I’m using the Smugmug plugin, because that’s where my web site is, but it seems to a complex LR issue going way back and not limited to Smugmug.

No time now to try to explain it, but when I go to a gallery on my web site (I have over 60!) even if it is a long-since published gallery, the plug-in (apparently at LR’s behest) starts moving a lot (not always all) of the pictures to a un-published (or at least modified since publish) status, and re-publishing them. Publish also hangs a lot. Apparently it got worse in LR 11.2 and it seems now (MAYBE) that rolling back to 11.1 and just letting everything slog through re-publishing will fix it.

There is ongoing discussion about the fix in this thread:

This thread in Lightroom Queen said a few days ago that Adobe was working on a fix that would be implemented when 11.3 came out. I’ll wait to hear the results before upgrading.

What a pain. I have, but don’t use, the Smugmug publishing whatsit. I just drag and drop into the site using the regular web interface.

The plugin is convenient for managing a metric ton of stuff. I find it easier to quickly add and remove, and it picks up editing changes to images. It’s also easy to move images between different galleries. If it isn’t fixed soon, though, I may have to change how I work.

It sounds like I’ll likely have to just let it re-publish everything it thinks it should, and hope it sticks.