Little Blue Heron

This species does not appear in the Pacific Northwest and this is the first one I’ve ever had an opportunity to photograph. This was taken in Southern California in a riverbed estuary. I wish I could have gotten a little lower but that might have affected the interesting reflection.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
ISO 800, 400+1.4 X, F8, 2500th, essentially full frame with some added canvas on the side and bottom.

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Nice detail, David, and an interesting reflection. I love the neck to beak waves.

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Excellent all around, David. Love the detail and color in the bird, and a great reflection. Well done.

Hi David,

All this one needs is a tweak to Microcontrast to bring out some of the feather details. Other than that, pose and surrounding water makes this a nice shot…Jim