Little Friends

Baby giraffe with its little friend with the big name, the red-billed oxpecker. Selous, Southern Tanzania.

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Nikon D850, Nikkor AF- VR 500mm f/4, f/4

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I have been studying this photo since you posted it. The baby giraffe is very cute and you were able to get it entirely in the frame. The head turn is very nice. Some would argue that the extra space should be on the right rather than on the left side. My guess is that the giraffe would still move to the left so I’m not bothered by the composition. It is different than what is expected and that is what I like about this photograph. I like this image as presented…Jim

Very cute subject and it’s companion, love the soft golden light and muted BG !

Ingrid: a very nicely composed photo of this young giraffe, with the head turn adding extra interest. My only nit would be to consider a bit of vignetting to isolate the youngster from its similar toned background. Excellent otherwise. Richard

A very nice one. I like the matching shades of colour, this ton-sur-ton image.
All has been said already about the extras: the bird, the head turn. I love it.

@everybody :slight_smile: - thanks for your feedback and appreciation!

@Richard_Sandor - thanks for your suggestion - I am not inclined to do much post processing and I wonder what you mean: do you mean vignetting in the corners of the photo or around the giraffe? I wouldn’t know how to do the latter and it’s not something I would do. But curious to hear what you mean exactly.



Ingrid: sorry to have taken so long to respond. My suggestion applied only to the corners. Richard