Lizards are one of the most frequently captured wildlife in year 2022 and this was one of happy moments that I loved when capturing lizards.

Specific Feedback Requested

What I did well and how could done better on this capture.

Technical Details

Canon 7 D Mark II with 100-400 mm lens. Handheld with aperture priority mode. Aperture = f/5.6, shutter speed = 1/320, ISO = 100, focal length = 400 mm.


Wonderful capture here, Thiraviyam. I like the lighting too. Awesome.

Thiraviyam, you found some nice light for this subject. What I particularly like is the way you lined the head up with the lightest patch of background. It really helps emphasize the lizard’s face.

I do think you could try some different things with the composition next time. Everything feels a bit off-balance… perhaps too much room for the upper part of the body, while the edges on the right (next to the foot) and bottom (head) are a bit tight comparatively.

A great capture. I like the pose, colors and light.

A very nice capture of the head. (Does a lizard have a “face”?) The composition feels a bit awkward – I think a crop from the top halfway to the leg would help, and maybe a subtle gradient burn of the body where it exits the frame. For my tastes, I’d lighten the darks a little to reduce the visual weight on the right. The foot is uncomfortably close to the edge – if there is no more canvas in the capture you might consider cropping from that side.

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