Lizards one of the wildlife subjects I love to take photography. Taken this during my morning walk and thought of sharing to get feedback.

Specific Feedback Requested

Critical feedback how I could done better on this image. Used aperture priority mode sometimes I use ISO in auto setting. Wanted to specifically whether setting ISO in Auto mode is a good practice?

Technical Details

Canon 7 D Mark II with canon 100-400 mm lens. Aperture = 11, shutter speed = 1/500, ISO = 800, focal length = 400 mm.


Hi Thiraviyam! Really neat how the lizard matches his surroundings! The face is nice and sharp and I like how the curve of the grasses matches the curve of the lizard. Even the 2 grasses are framing his face. If it were mine I would crop it about halfway up his body, kind of like a portrait head and shoulders shot, so that he is closer. But either way it’s a beautiful capture!

Hi Vanessa,

Thank you so much for your very useful feedback. As suggested I will crop and repost

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What a gorgeous creature. Judging by those toes, it looks to live in trees. Crisp detail everywhere it needs to be. I’m not crazy about the grasses growing into and out of its head, so to speak, but I don’t know how much cloning you feel comfortable doing. The object selection and delete and fill tools in Photoshop are pretty impressive, so you could do it if you had a mind. But it’s not totally necessary since the vegetation adds to the story of how this lizard lives.