Lobelia flower

Playing with macro converters on my Nikon 105. This is pretty close to straight out of the camera. I did a very little adjusting to the background to tone it down a little, remove a portion of a leaf in the lower right corner. Will repost in Flora if thats where this should be. Its so small, I thought it belonged here. Handheld.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

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Kathy, this is a nice pretty blue blossom. I am not familiar with it, but I just love the color. I am not able to enlarge it to view a bit closer, but it appears a nice selective focus on just a portion of the bloom, which can draw the eye to the area you want the viewer. I am not sure what the white circle is in the background on the right of the bloom, but I find it a bit distracting. I like the blues in the background elsewhere in the image, but that portion seems more purple, and then the white circle. This one of those images where it can go where you prefer, either flora or macro, since it is both. So your call on that. If you choose to move over to flora, and need any help, just let me know.

Hi Shirley. I think I will leave it here then. Lobelia is very tiny, maybe a third of an inch across. Normally you see them in pots or baskets. The white spot was a dilemma for me. It draws attention but it’s in the right place for a spiral and maybe it emphasizes the tip of the flower, so I left it and just toned it down a hair with a brush. I normally don’t post large copies here, which is probably why you could not enlarge it. It’s about 40 percent of a full frame image on a Nikon 850.
It is my new experimentation.

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Great photo and experimentation Kathy. I like the softness of the background, but can understand concerns about the light area. Seems like this may fall under “artistic interpretation” and/or your intent when taking the photo. Love the intimacy of the whole image.

The blues and purples work well together. Good shapes and textures. I also find the white areas a little distracting and would suggest that you try a vignette to tone them down.

This looks very good, Kathy. The Lobelia stands out nicely as it color coordinates with the background. I could see burning-in the brightest areas a bit, especially the white at the tip of the petal. The lighter areas along the bottom will show a bit more color with some burning in.

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Love the flow of the petals against a beautifully graded backdrop, Kathy. The white circle to the R could be distracting but I don’t find it so - it feels as if the moon were shining down upon the flower.

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