Loch Hourn

B & W conversion from a Sigma DP1 I find the Foveon gives great images, just something really nice about the “look”. I wonder if anyone else here still uses Sigma cameras.
This was from a fairly drab rainy day, colours very muted but I thought it worked OK in B&W. Conversion done in Silver Fx

As always I would love to know what you all think, All criticisms gratefully received.

The silhouette of the tree really makes this image.

Good job on the B&W conversion. I think the composition works well and nice drama in the clouds.

It is a nice black and white conversion with plenty of drama in the sky. However, as @bob13 points out, this image feels to be about the tree. So, I’d recommend altering the aspect ration from 2:3 to 4:5. That means cropping mostly from the left side. I hope you don’t mind but I did a very quick edit so you can see how it would look. Because I cropped from the left it meant a very bright spot in the upper left corner so I did a down and dirty clone job just give an overall idea of the dramatic change aspect ration can make.
P.S. I don’t follow the rule of thirds at all but often after I’ve got something where it feels right I’ll take a peak anyway. In the case of this image, the top of the tree, the bottom of the tree and the trunk are all pretty much on the thirds. I always like the validation even if the rule is only true half the time.

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Love the B/W conversion.
I like the very classical composition and tend to agree with Kerry Gordon; a crop on the left side would be fine.

This is what I love about this site, you always get a new view of your image. I think the suggested crop kind of turns it into a different image entirely, one that is really of the tree and not the loch. One that I did not see at all.
Thanks guys really appreciate the comments and the thought that went into them


I enjoy the clouds and the tree. @Kerry_Gordon 's cloud treatment is great. For me, the expanse of grass decreases the impact of the parts of the image that I enjoy. The attached image has a different crop, burns the far hills a bit, and adds some clarity to the tree. Certainly a crop with more of the spectacular clouds would be in keeping with the spirit of your original.

Thanks Dick Yet another variation that changes the picture, although I’m not sure of this one. I 'm not sure of the water coming out of the bottom in this one.
Mind you that’s just a personal kind of OCD thing with me. Thanks for taking the time to look and critique I really appreciate the trouble people go to.
Regards Neil