Look Away (+edit)

An attempt to follow @Erik_Stensland’s suggestion:

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


The day I played submarine with my camera, I hung out in camp for most of the day. (I had the camera in a Ziploc with desiccants, and the sun was amazingly helpful in heating the bag since it was a cool day. However the sunny areas kept moving as the sun moved, and I had to “tend” the camera to keep it in the sunshine.)

Sitting in camp, I kept eyeing this spot on the far shore of Russell Lake. I was attracted to the pattern formed by the foreground trees, with the background of older trees behind. When the clouds rolled in the next day and I decided to turn the camera on, I ran around shooting a couple “big” views (both the image I just posted and the one I’ll post next), but just before packing the camera back in desiccants for the hike out I turned away from the mountain and shot this scene. Fog was trickling in behind the trees, and that helped with the background.

A very real dilemma for those of us with a grand-scene addiction is that when the bigger views are everywhere, it is easy to pass right by the stuff hiding in plain sight. Jefferson Park had a ton of subject matter, especially on that final day when the weather rolled in and it became a much different, more ethereal and mysterious, place. I wish I had had a couple more days, and it would have been best if the mountain had been hidden by clouds to force me to look away and see the rest of the beauty that was everywhere.

Specific Feedback

No specific questions, so all thoughts and recommendations are appreciated.

Technical Details

NIKKOR Z 24-200 f/4-6.3 VR at 200 mm
1/20 sec. at f/8.0 and ISO 64

A wonderful scene – and I’m happy to hear that apparently your camera is OK! As much as I love the composition with the reflectiom, for me there is some magic in an alternative crop to just above the central rocks. The BG trees have a very painterly feel, and the FG ones are so classic. I think you have a twofer here!

John, your title is “Look Away”, but I have trouble doing that. This is such a beautiful image. I absolutely love the fog and the bright red ground cover. This is a delight! I’ve had to work hard to find something to critique and the only thing I noticed is that my eyes get pulled away from the center tree by the brighter trees primarily on the left a bit on the right. I might darken those slightly to bring the focus back on the center trees. This is really a gorgeous image John!

This is a beautiful scene John! Since this was right across the lake from our camp, I spent 4 days looking at the area, but never “saw” this scene. I’m glad you did. And you captured it beautifully! The light fog really did help soften the background trees, and the light on the foreground trees, etc. is excellent.

Oh, this is just gorgeous! That soft light is to die for. The way the fog softened the background trees is simply magical. I’m glad you tore yourself away from the grand scene for a moment. :wink: And I’m glad your camera is ok!

Thank you @Diane_Miller, @Erik_Stensland, @Steve_Kennedy, and @Bonnie_Lampley!

Erik, I played with your suggestion and posted an edit. I do think it improves the image; it’s a little gentler on the eye. Thanks!!

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