Looking for love

It’s mating season on the pond. This female mallard was squawking up a storm looking for a mate. There might have been one other pair of mallards on the pond that day. Mallards are pretty common but I like the water and setting on this one.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Iso-320, 400+1.4 X, F5 .6, 2500th, A7r4, nearly full frame

Nice composition and the light is killer. I doubt she’ll be alone for long!

Nice composition, David. Duck is super sharp and the refection is awesome.

A lovely composition and a great pose from the duck, David. One minor nit: It looks like you burned some bright reeds to the left of the duck, but you didn’t burn their reflection and now the reflection is brighter than the reeds (which can’t happen). Only noticeable to a nit hunter.

You just won a bottle of Kwell shampoo…

Very pretty photo. Lovely colors, nice reflection and some new green grass. I like the spacing of the photo and how the little island is centered horizontally.

Hi David
It is nice to see a Mallard posing out of the water and the photograph is helped by a nice lighting kick of that water. The framing, detail and reflection of the water all look nice. Dennis has good eyes, I had to look twice to find sharper reed reflection.
Nice shot.