Lost in a Fog

Great article! I’m never happy with my post-processing in fog conditions. Reading this makes me think that maybe I should play more with white balance. Here (in NW Argentinean tropical forest) fog is more frequent in summer when more bugs and flowers are present, your article inspired me to try some fog wide angle macro!

Thanks for the education and very nice foggy images Didn’t realize there were that many kinds of fog. Gonna have to pull out some photos I shot of foggy scenes and see what I might be able to do with them. You are inspiring!

@Juan @beautythief I’m glad that you enjoyed the article , and also that it is inspiring you to get out and shoot foggy landscapes.

Juan, as I said in the article, White Balance is probably the most important processing decision that you can make with fog images. If you use Lightroom for processing it can be helpful to make several virtual copies and experiment with changing the WB settings ,and then compare them side by side. The WB setting can make a huge difference in the mood of fog images.

Greg, there are actually more types of fog than this. While most of my fog images are radiation fog (common in spring and fall where I live), I really get excited whenever I get the chance to shoot either freezing fog, or Sea Smoke, because they both create very unusual conditions that don’t happen all that often.

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Hi Ed - thank you for for comprehensive article on this topic with wonderful accompanying photos. You are lucky to live in a place with frequent fog. We only see misty conditions a time or two each year around our home so I’m always excited to see fog materialize when we are traveling for all the reasons you discuss in your post.