Morning Fog

Fog is sometimes unpredictable. From second to second in time it changes in mysterious ways, exposing some detail here and different details there. It provides instant mood, especially when it allows some detail to counter the diffuse areas spread throughout the frame. In this area on southern Puget Sound in Washington State, the fog is usually too thick in the morning to see the sun. On rare days such as today, the sun adds a different compositional element.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Any concerns about the light fog on the water?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

I did post a basically monochromatic color image which adds golden hues around the sun but a magenta to purple cast in the above water fog that is difficult to tame, hence the BW posted here.

Any pertinent technical details:

iso 64, 24-120 at 85 mm, f8, 80th, D850, ACR 10.5, Nik Filters for BW converstion, TK sharpening action at 5%

David, this is gorgeous! I’m not seeing any issue with the fog on the water. It looks really good to me. Perhaps if you posted the color version so we could see what you were struggling with, we might have more input. I love this image and especially the area of trees just below the sun.

Thanks Eric. Here is a color version

I really prefer this color version and I don’t see any issues with the fog, though currently I’m looking at it on a phone.

David, this looks great to me. I especially like how the sun lets those trees in the background show. There’s so little color in the color version that I don’t see much difference between the two. Both look good, the one difference that I notice is that the glowing area around the sun is notably larger in the color version. I think that the smaller sun area lets the viewer pay more attention to the shore and the reflections.

This has a nice mystery and atmosphere to it. I also prefer what the small amount of color provides. I would raise the darks and midtones a bit.


Fantastic atmosphere here. Color version for me. the b&w is well, to monochromatic… (oxymoron?) But really, I think the color brings in an additional element that makes this image better. IMHO.