Lr/ps cc

Next month I will be buying a new desktop computer (PC) and I have decided this is the time to move to LR/PS CC. I currently am using LR5 and PS6 on my old desktop (PC). This switch has me very nervous as I’m not real good at this computer stuff. Please help me with the following questions:

  1. I assume the plan I want to buy is the Photography Plan - $9.99/month, LR, LR Classic, PS, Portfolio Website and 20GB of Cloud Storage. Is this correct? Why do they list both LR and LR Classic? Are these two separate LR programs or do they work together?

  2. Should I install the CC software on my new computer first and then load my LR5 backup file? Or should I have the LR5 backup file on my new computer before loading the CC software?

  3. I will be able to use the CC software on both my laptop and new desktop, correct? Is it okay if I put it on my laptop first as I have already purchased a new laptop (PC).

Thanks for you help.

  1. That’s the one you want! There are now two different versions of Lightroom which is incredibly confusing. Lightroom Classic is what you need.
  2. You can do it either way.
  3. Yes you can put it on two computers, doesn’t matter which you put it on first.

Thanks so much David!

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