Help please. Lightroom problem

When I tried to get on Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, I was unable to do so and noted that a question mark overlaid the icon on the dock (Mac). I went to the Adobe icon on the top bar and clicked “open” next to Adobe Lightroom Classic (no CC anywhere as an option). LR opened and my photos were all there. Has there been a change to LR; I’m not sure what happened to the CC version.

Thanks for any help/suggestions.

Adobe is just keeping you on your toes with yet another revised naming convention.
From the Lightroom Queen blog:

Missing CC’s

The first thing you’ll notice is the CC’s have gone missing from the names of all of the Creative Cloud apps. This is not a Lightroom-specific change. Since all of the apps are now part of the Creative Cloud, the extra letters are redundant.

This means the apps are now simply called Lightroom (the family of apps that stores your photos in the cloud) and Lightroom Classic (the traditional folder-based desktop app). Confused? Don’t worry, we’re adding the icons to new posts and books as they’re released, so just look out for the curved/square corners and different colors on the icons.

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Hi Allen:

Yes, the latest update caused this issue. Simple fix:

Right click on the icon on the dock that has the question mark, choose Options, then Remove from dock.

Then Open a finder window, Find the Applications Folder, find Adobe LightRoom Classic. In that folder you’ll see the Adobe LightRoom Classic Application. Drag that Application to the Dock wherever you want it, and all will be fine.

I think all that happened was a naming change of the actual application that caused the issue. Here’s a screen shot of the Application folder from my machine for the right Application for you.

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Thanks, @Bill_Pelzmann and @Keith_Bauer. Well, that’s what I did and it did work, it’s just disconcerting when a program stops working and you’re not sure whether its your computer or (in this case) Adobe.