Mac Finder is driving me crazy

In Windows this was easy - sort by date, ascending and everything in a folder was listed in the correct order no matter what the view style was set to. With pictures I want icon view. I’m on Ventura 13.4.

I thought that clicking Show All under the section for May would show everything in the folder, but it doesn’t. There is still stuff up in the Last 30 days section that isn’t anywhere else. It’s stupid.

Why can’t I get rid of the maddening Last 30 Days BS and get the sort to work right in icon view. Here’s what I mean. First Column view -

All well and good. Everything is how I want it. So I switch to Icon view and it can’t sort right. I get random old dates showing up in more recent ones -

and again -

and again -

Why can’t it get the date order correct in Icon view when it can in List view?

I’ve messed with the Sort Options settings here -

And it gets rid of the EXTRA irritating Last 30 Days crap, but it won’t sort in Date Created order correctly. It throws in random photos and mixes them up as per the screen captures above.

Windows can do this just fine and always has. What am I missing here? Sorting files is a function that should be entirely separate from how I am viewing the list of what it’s sorting. Why does it get the sort RIGHT in one view and WRONG in another?

What is going on here? It shouldn’t be this hard. What am I missing?

In my work flow I don’t use icon view, but I tried it and found the same trouble. Then I right-clicked in an area of the icon view NOT on an icon, got a drop down, and in “Sort by” chose “Date created”. Seemed to work.

Thanks for saying you could reproduce this - I’m beginning to think I’m going nuts. I tried what you describe and the sort order is still wrong in Icon view. I’d use list, but I can’t see what photo I’m dragging and dropping where so it’s not workable for what I’m doing. It’s mind boggling.