Magic under a roof of foliage

The weather must become better. Because this is almost the latest old-one. Otherwise I have to go out in the rain that not stops these days.

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Hey Ben,

I hear you on the rain. It’s rained every day this year except for two in Vancouver.

I like the diffused light coming through the trees in this image and I find that the image has a mysterious mood.

Nicely processed

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This image works nicely for me Ben. I think the panoramic aspect ratio was a good choice. I like how the light and shadows on the fallen leaves draw your eye across the scene, and the pano treatment accentuates that even further. The deep shadow along the bottom edge adds a lot to this image. The processing looks good to me too, the yellow and green colors are very appealing.

Even though this image looks great in color, with all these strong areas of light and shadow I think the image would look great in B&W as well. It might be fun to give that a try too.

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This is a lovely warm, inviting view, Ben.

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The diffused light here is lovely and does a masterful job of showcasing this inviting woodland scene. This just has a very relaxing feel to it that I find very soothing. Great job on this.

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