Maine Moose in Evergreen Forest

Looking through all the moose pictures I found this one showing more hoofs.

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Got up at 5AM and got to see 5 moose today. This young male was completely in his environment amongst the beautiful evergreens. I think we both saw each other at the same time and probably had the same feeling of surprise.

Specific Feedback

any feedback is appreciated

Technical Details

Nikon Z7ll
Nikkor Z100-400mm
ISO720, 240mm, F5 1/250 shutter speed

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Hi Norma,
wow, that guy is really cool. The moose stands out really well. And he poses for your shoot like he does nothing else all day.

It must have been an impressive encounter. I don’t know how much you cropped but considering your focal length the moose wasn’t too far away.

It is a pity that the hooves are cut off. I’d love to see a little bit more space at the bottom of the frame.

Wow, that sounds amazing. Is it usual, that you can see so many in one day?

Love the environment of this shot and the great close up look at the moose. Must have been a great experience to see this guy and four others! All looks good to me except as Jens noted cutting off the front hooves. Still a great capture of a magnificent subject.

Thank you Jens, I do have a pic of his hoofs but shows his backend, not pretty. Yes, it was an amazing moose adventure. I guess the trick is get up early and know their favorite spots.

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Love it, Norma! My husband and I had tried spotting moose when were on vacation in Maine and we only saw their tracks. But we did have an encounter on an early morning in New Hampshire. It was just in a back road so not as exciting as being in the woods in their home! That must have been awesome to see that many. I like the second one the best, I like the expression and how he’s looking at you. Really great capture!

Thank you so very much. I have learned you have to get up just at sunrise to see them roaming.

I think, you opened the shadows bit too much on these images, I’m also seeing some magenta and purple too.

Nothing done to second post with full pic moose hoofs. Thank you, will check shadow and magenta on first.

My preference is for the second image with the head raised a touch more, Norma. The magenta look to the moose might be because it’s in the middle of all that green. If you’re using auto white balance (I always do) the camera sees all that green and sometimes tries to move it over a bit giving a slight magenta cast to some of the other tones.

I really like the knobby beginnings of the antlers.

Thank Dennis! " the auto white" is that in the camera settings or in photoshop? If in the camera I will have to check to see what that is set on. If PS, I don’t believe I used it.

I was thinking of the one in the camera. There will also be one in whatever raw editor you’re using. I believe all cameras default to auto, so if you haven’t changed it, that’s probably what it’s set to.

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I like the second image which reveals that the moose heard your camera. The lush surroundings provide valuable information on the fact that moose are creatures of the forest. Well done…Jim

Thank you Jim, yes he certainly heard me. They say their eye sight isn’t that great.