Making Lemonade Midday

A non photo trip with family in the Ladakh area ( Indo-CHinese border at 14,000 feet )

This is with the new Z9 - first use - cant wait to try it on birds

Specific Feedback Requested

Any angles of view will be good

Technical Details

Z9 with 80-400 whilst driving

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Karl, this is really nice. The high key style works very well as does the B&W treatment. I can see this as a large fine art print. Well done.

Nice capture. I cropped in to accentuate the graphic quality of the mountains and give a little more drama to the sky. Not necessarily a better image but another one.

Mind sharing what u did @Don_Jacobson

Thanks David

Color attached for reference

Sorry the image was not included in my post. I accidentally deleted it. I hope it goes through this time.

I do like this better @Don_Jacobson - thanks!


Love both! Since you posted the b&w first, I’ll start with that. Love the contrast and the full range of tones. I really like the grand view of the full frame, although there are almost always viable crops to most images. But I think your original works quite beautifully.

Love the color version as well. Although I prefer the b&w, and here’s why. The colors are wonderful and I like the blue sky contrasting with the warm earth tones of the mountains and slopes. The yellows at the bottom are a nice color contrast and accent as well. But the yellow color also stands out and as such I’m wishing there was a bit more as it feels a little cut off. Sounds like there wasn’t time to do much different, but that’s why I give the b&w the edge.

No other nits or suggestions.


Thanks @Lon_Overacker

Composed on the fly whilst driving, i was only thinking of this image as documenting the beautiful drive - especially since in the middle of the day - hence the B/W consideration.

Thanks for your generous evsluation


Hi Karl - I like the contrast and tonal range of your original. The layers of tones are wonderful.

Wow! Such low clouds yet they feel airy rather than heavy from a rain storm. I agree with @Eva_McDermott. The contrast is amazing and very attractive. I could see more space added to the bottom to make that triangular wedge a bit wider.

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Thanks @Eva_McDermott !

Looking for a little real. estate below - thanks @Igor_Doncov

Hi Karl,
This is my first critique, so I hope I’m doing it right. I love the layers of tones in this image. I wanted to see what it looked like with a square crop because I feel like there’s too much sky. I’m not sure if I like it better than your original, though.

Thanks @David_Mullin

Always a good idea looking at others’ perspectives!

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