Midday Zabriski at 114 degrees!

Critique Style Requested: In-depth

The photographer has shared comprehensive information about their intent and creative vision for this image. Please examine the details and offer feedback on how they can most effectively realize their vision.

Self Critique

Making the most of the early afternoon as I was passing Zabriski’s point en route LV airport
The contrast suggests a black and white trial

Creative direction

I am honestly looking to process this in black and white because of the contrasting patterns and the fact that i took this midday

Specific Feedback

Does this strike out well in black and white ?

Technical Details

nothing in particular - F8 handheld with a circular polarizer


I knew that the landscape in this area is breath taking - especially early morning. GIven the patterns of the rock formations, I also thought that this would do well in black and white

Hello Karl, thanks for sharing this image of a great location! I believe you have done a strong job of making a “keeper” out of a challenging, harsh situation. Your processing really brought out the textures, particularly in the background of the image. Probably a good call to go with the black and white processing. I like that you kept the sky a bit flat, I think if you had pulled out more contrast it would have just competed with the foreground and detracted overall. One thing I would suggest, due to how high contras the image is, it ends up looking a bit flat. I would consider lifting the blacks and applying that selectively to the background mountains. This could help separate your foreground structures form the background mountains and provide some depth.

Overall, really strong and a great midday shot.

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Hi Karl,
wow, that is a beautiful image. There are so many textures and patterns to explore. It must be breathtaking to this fantastic landscape with your own eyes.

If I were to change something about the picture, it would be a small detail. There is a bright area in the LLC that draws my eye. I would darken this area a bit so it doesn’t stand out so much in the foreground.

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Wonderful B&W treatment Karl. Fabulous textures and light. I agree with David on how the lower contrast sky compliments the stronger contrast of the mountains rather then competing with it.

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Kudos indeed for making lemonade - Midday in the desert, scorching temps? Sure, let’s make photographic art! Well done. Absolutely worksin b&w, in fact probably the wise choice.

I like the complimentary sky and my only suggestion might be to somehow boost the contrast there? But not so much that it takes away from the contrast, details, etc. from the landscape.



Thanks Lon

I can easily make the clouds stand out more, but will this perhaps, compete with the textures in the rock ?
BTW, it was 114 degrees!

B&W is perfect for displaying the texture and patterns in these badlands at midday.
At least you didn’t have far to walk to your, hopefully, air conditioned vehicle. :sweat_smile:

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I was about to say the same thing about the sky, it needs a little more contrast to match the contrast of the hills.

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It looks AMAZING in black and white. Great comp and tones. Well done!

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