Male Tiger with young cub

Recently this 25 years old image came to life, when it was published in a book on Bandhavgarh National Park. This was a famous male Tiger of his time, named B 1, who had the biggest head of its time. Authors were looking for images of old tigers and they came in touch with me.

It was great to see old technology sitting pretty with the latest tech.

Specific Feedback Requested

How do you think, this scan compares with the latest sensors?
I happened to drum scan some of my best images and this was one of them.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon film camera and 70-200 mm lens.


Nice shot and nice processing, J. What film were you using at the time?

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Thanks @David_Bostock ! Must be some Fujichrome.

He is massive!! Including the younger cat is great for scale to bring that point home. Nice kitty! Congratulations on having it included in the book, too. Film has a certain look to it that is difficult to replicate with digital. There’s details and softness, but also nuanced color that seems to be out of fashion now that we can crank the saturation sliders. I recently picked up a couple of nature books with photos done entirely with film. One I got just because it was done with all film and there’s a special quality to the images that is hard to describe. The lack of “perfection” is part of it - some of the shots have blurred bird wings because the ISO is the ISO is the ISO - no changing it on the fly. Anyway…I’ll shut up now. This is a lovely view of a king of the jungle and the heir.

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Thanks @Kris_Smith !
This male tiger was named B 1 and he had the biggest head of his times. For some strange reasons this male cub used to stay with him, instead of mother.

I too enjoyed working with films, but now we are spoilt with no. of choices.

Beautiful tigers and so awesome your photo ended up in a wildlife book! I think it has a natural look to it. What our eyes would truly see if we were there. Congratulations!

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Jagdeep, this is an excellent image and an excellent scan. His yellow teeth are quite striking. Congrats on getting it into a book. The limited contrast of film relative to today’s digital shows in how sharp the black stripes look. A good shot is a good shot regardless of the technology.

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