Mallee Wheat Fields

There is little to break the Mallee Landscape. The light is bright and clear. Intense and fierce. The weather is harsh and volatile.

Specific Feedback Requested

I not sure which category this belongs, abstract nature or landscape. It is my attempt at ICM

Technical Details

ISO 50 S/S 1/10sec f 32. Handheld. Processed in LR


Nice complimentary colours David. I like the wide crop and the movement in the field and clouds. The blue in the sky is a bit too purple for me and I would like this more without the trees, but that’s just my personal preference. Congrats on capturing the elements of the Mallee Landscape.

Thanks Andre. Looking at again I agree about the blue. Still on the fence about the trees as they are what drew me to this composition. I have done rough clone to remove trees and I think they both work as pictures.

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I agree. They both work. For some of my images, I try a couple of different versions and let them sit for a while before deciding which one I prefer. And for a few of them, I never do find a clear winner.

I’m not the best to commend on ICM, but I do think your sky color is improved in the second version. Interestingly, I prefer the redder grass of the original though. I wonder if using a gradient to keep that rich color at the bottom from the original post is worth playing with?

I totally agree, it was just a rough edit for a comparison of trees and no trees. I too like the redness and the new blue which I can fix as I have saved the PSB file with the layers. Thanks for your comments.