I am thrilled…I found an immense feeder area to a dam for the Leigh River. The area floods periodically but many times is relatively dry. It will offer me many days of exploration. This spot was attracting my eye not just because of the solitary dead wood but the way the rocky foreground mirrored the patterns in the clouds. It frequently take s me a while in the field to figure out what it is …in the image I see. The light was a bonus.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any and all as usual!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
44mm f/14 1/125 sec iso 160

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Pretty emotional image. Now here I would go with b&w or greatly reduce the saturation. I don’t associate rich colors with loneliness. Just my opinion though.

I quite like this one, Mario. Personal preference, but I would reduce the blue/cyan cast in the sky. Everything else looks really good to my eye.

Mario, I like this image a lot. It is a great moody small scene. But my first impression where to reduce the saturation. I also think that the comment given by Igor to try a b&w rendition could be rewarding.

Beautiful scene, Mario! The light, the clouds, the tree, is all very striking and I will have to agree with the other comments that it seems like it needs to be either black and white or just a little less color. It’s a really great composition!

@Igor_Doncov @Harley_Goldman @Ola_Jovall @Vanessa_Hill thank you all for your comments and suggestions. I am posting this rework with a decrease in saturation and better management of the sky blue and tint. I tried numerous B/W versions but none really worked.



BTW one of the issues with the saturation was I was trying Color Efex pro for only the second time and it apparently is a powerful program.

I like the sky in the rework, but the rest of the image in the first. To my eye, the second one looks a little flat compared to the original.

I agree with @Harley_Goldman. The clouds in the tewirk look nice and gray. Can you blend these gray clouds with the rest of the scene from the first?
Congrats on finding a place to explore.

I like the rework except that the upper half of the tree got dark. I think this handling is better suited for the title.

A very nice scene, well composed. I do prefer the blues being toned down, but agree with @Harley_Goldman that the color is better in the bottom part of the first version. I’d go back to the raw file and adjust colors there to warm the warmer tones but hold the blues back. It looks like you did a gradient burn from the top which darkened the top of the tree. I’d try a gradient to only darken the blues.

@Diane_Miller @Igor_Doncov @Mark_Muller @Harley_Goldman thanks for the relooks. I think this version is the best compromise. Took down blue and dodged the tree as well as increased warmth and luminance in the bottom.

This the correct rework, sorry

I think the adjustments complement the lovely subject very nicely.

I added a comment by mistake and can’t delete it.

I’m joining the commentaries a bit late, Mario, but enjoyed your image and the reworks. The sky is quite extraordinary and the highlights spread through the clouds add quite a bit to the overall feeling. You did some nice work with processing the light through the foreground. Good choice on the vertical format. For me the tree seems slightly pinched on the left side though , and a tad more space might play better on the tree’s height. But for such a strong image they are pretty petty critiques. If you did any cropping you might consider them . I get a strong sense of endurance from the photo. Well done.