Meadow Mystique

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


What does one do when they’ve visited and photographed the same scene countless times? Well, try something different… El Capitan Meadow in Yosemite Valley is one of those places. In particular, this grove of black oaks and the meadow in front of them have been photographed countless times. I’m not deterred by this and actually use to inspire to grow; to do something different.

Specific Feedback

In addition to any comments, first impressions and general impressions, I’m specifically looking for feedback on two basic things. First, does this work for you? Why or why not? And second, I’ve posted two versions, the second was my original processing and I felt the WB was too warm; although I like the richness of this version. Do you have a preference or alternative view or processing?

As always, all comments and suggestions welcome.

Technical Details

Not my first attempt at combining ICM with ME, Multiple exposure, but I was pretty happy with the result. All in camera. First exposure vertical motion ICM. 2nd exposure, horizontal sweep ICM.

Nikon D800E, 28-300mm @28mm f/11 1/4 iso200, polarizer

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I like both of these, but I prefer your revised version, Lon. For my taste the second horizon is a bit disruptive and the more saturated looking colors accent it. They also tend to fill in the tree space more which somehow doesn’t fit the feel of the image. I could see applying the warmer WB to the primary meadow area and leaving the rest in the revised condition.

Here’s a thought. Why not use the vertical sweep ICM for the trees and the horizontal sweep for the meadow. Just a thought. Might not make a significant difference.

I like the white balance and more saturated image in the second. Nice ICM/ME Lon.

I’ll start off by saying that I much prefer the image at the top of the page that is less warm and has blue tones in it. I think this works nicely as I don’t see many ICM images that have a clearly delineated foreground vs. background colors and textures. So many ICM’s just look the same to me and I very much like this one for the texture, particularly in the foreground meadow, the colors, and the scene itself. So many ICM’s are not really about a beautiful scene but more about just creating movement and this I think is one your better Images with ICM.

Agree with David and some of the others. I prefer the top one with the slightly cooler tones. I haven’t seen too many ICMs that combine both vertical and horizontal movement. Lon, kudos on a pleasing final result that works. Love the textures in the image.

The only area that seems to catch my eye is that darker spot in the meadow in the center. You may be able to fill it in with some texture from part of the horizontal frame. Just a thought.