Bad Hair Day +repost



Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


I was finally able to get out of town for some photography - where else, but Yosemite! I try hard every year to get to the valley for fall color. This year was exceptional for the big leaf maple and black oaks. The black oak especiall displayed some very nice yellows and oranges. Great reds with the dogwood in upper elevations.

Periodic rain and overcast led to prime color saturation and needless to say I had fun with ICM’s on this trip.

Specific Feedback

First, wondering if this ICM works for you. Also specifically looking for any processing improvements, color/contrast/saturation, etc.

The title gives away what my impressions are on this image - what about yours?

Technical Details

Nikon D800E, 28-300mm @85mm f/16 1/4s, ICM combo Vert+Horiz movement (during single exposure)

This is fun, Lon. I certainly see where you got the title and that was a nice combination of movement. To my eye the upper 60% of the image and the lower 40% are completely different and I have trouble combining them. For your title, I think a crop concentrating on the upper portion would work better.

How about going true blonde? Something like this?

I really love this ICM, Lon. Simply wow.

If it were me, I would not crop the image because I love that I can see it is a tree, and that white-ish aspen color nails it for me.

I would recommend a slight vignette in the bottom part though.

Lon, great to see with a new image here! I think you nailed the motion just right. The leaves do appear like hair. I also get the impression of wind and a painting on canvas due to the fine texture and swirling lines. Nicely done!

You could try increasing luminosity in the upper section. As it is, the upper section appears a bit dark to me. Doesn’t need much. The crop looks good and works with the scene.

I really like the squiggly lines created with the ICM. To me it’s almost like they depict music. I also like how this (to me) feels like a double exposure this the strong tree trunks and the yellow squiggly lines even though I know it’s not. Overall a very beautiful and fascinating image.

Cool image Lon! I like the “hair” look you created. I really like the cropped version Dennis made, but your version is even better as the tree trunks do anchor the image. I agree with Alfredo the top section could use additional luminosity.

Wonderful! I get the double exposure vibe too, which is very cool. I feels like the light tones are floating above a BG – sort of a reflection feeling.

Lots of variations possible, but for me a crop from the left and top would give more prominence to the trunks, which are my favorite part.

Thank you so much @Dennis_Plank , @Subha_Joshi , @Alfredo_Mora , @Tom_Nevesely , @Steve_Kennedy and @Diane_Miller for you comments and suggestions.

I’ve re-worked and posted above. Slight crop off top and left as well as giving the “hair” a bit more luminosity. I didn’t want to oversaturate either. I think this is an improvement and so thank you for the feedback!

Dennis, one of the great things with ICM is that there are no rules and countless options in both processing and cropping. I do like your crop and while I think the “blonde” hair is a little hot, I think the crop and approach are viable options! I may look further in to these options.

Thank you Subha for your kind words and suggestions. I too like that the trees are recognizable. I did apply a vignette all around, and with the edited version the grasses and overall brightness increased. I’m wonding if more burn is needed at the bottom.

Thanks Alfredo, I agree about the luminosity and was already questioning before posting.

Thank you Tom and Diane - yeah, I can see that. In fact the two-way motion of the ICM, I think actually helps produce that double-exposure look. I have a few abstracts coming up that are actual double-exposures. Spent some time experimenting with that too.

Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions!

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The revised edit looks great Lon!

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