Merced River Autmn

This is an older image from my archive made in 2012. With Yosemite autumn just around the corner, it seems appropriate for the season. I posted this at NPN v1, so thought I’d post it anew.

We are getting our first significant rain today of the season here in the Sierra Foothills. It is most welcome!

Tachihara 4x5
Nikkor M 300mm
Astia 100.

Your thoughts are always appreciated. :smile:

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Nice! I think I remember this on on NPNv1. In fact, I might have been with you guys that year. I just love how crystal clear and mirror-like the Merced is. We were rained on as well here in the Santa Cruz mountains and yes, very welcomed.

Lovely. Can’t beat granite boulders in crystal clear waters.

We had rain up here at the north end of the Sacramento Valley, too. Fall isn’t too far away.

I like the symmetry on this one Preston. I think the way you’ve framed the rocks and the bunch of grass drew me into the scene.

Great color and crisp reflections Preston. This is wonderfully seen and expertly exposed.

I like it as presented, but I can also imagine about half of the bg forest cropped off the top. That brings more focus to the reflections, and for me, that’s the heart of the image.


I certainly remember this one Preston - I was there! Beautiful image and great capture - especially considering this is right next to one of the most popular “vista points” - kudos for find a new and refreshing look from here.

Pretty nit-picky, but you might clone out the small intruding rock on the left edge near the top of the reflection. No other nits or suggestions. Just a really enjoyable, quiet and reflective (no pun intended) image. Well done!


This is quite beautiful, Preston. I too love the dark clarity of the water and how calm it is. I think Marylynne makes a good suggestion with the crop idea. Also, it might just be me, but it appears to tilt just a wee bit clockwise perhaps.

A classic Yosemite scene. Well done, Preston.