While walking around the lake this past week, I discovered these wonderful abstract images just floating in front of me. I was at the marina and there were so many possibilities. Great fun!

Actually the fun continued in post processing as I discovered by just using the grey point to sample different portions of the image, I could completely change the feel.

Thoughts, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Nikon D7200, f/10 1/160sec., iso 400 @ 300mm, handheld.


Marinas are sooo much fun for reflections, aren’t they? You have really nice negative space between all the mast reflections. Cool!

Thank you @Bonnie_Lampley. I can definitely get lost in watching them. I’ve got a couple of more I’ll post later this week if I get time.

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The dark angled stripe just containing the mast tips is a very nice feature. Well seen!

Very beautiful, Linda! You’re coming out with a lot of abstracts lately and I really like them!

Linda, yes marina reflections are great fun. You’ve got an excellent collection of masts with a fine amount of zig-zag. The bright/dark/bright “background” and scattered bits of color are nice touches as well.

The lines here are perfectly positioned. I like the way you’ve made space and organized the overall layout. Maybe a tiny crop at the bottom to get rid of those two horizontal reflections. The hints of orange and yellow at the bottom of the green reflection are really nice. Sweet image.

Real nice abstract. A fun spot with fine results.

Thanks, @Diane_Miller, @Mark_Seaver, @Vanessa_Hill, @Kris_Smith and @Harley_Goldman for taking the time to stop by and comment. All great thoughts and truly appreciated.

Excellent catch! Really well seeing with fascinating shapes and textures.

Thanks, @David_Schoen for your kind thoughts.