Mind boggling

When I saw the “invasives” challenge I knew I had to go to our local nature trail for this image. During the summer months this trail is thick with overgrown ivy vines. Some of the vines are thick as tree limbs. I purposely went on a cloudy foggy day in hopes of getting a more dramatic feel/look.

I did a black/white version but preferred this natural look. Do you get a sense of entanglement, confusion and massive overgrowth?

I was pretty much looking straight up, wanting to let the cloudy/foggy day highlight the vines. Does the composition accomplish this?
Any other thoughts, comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Nikon D7200, f/5.6, 1/50sec., iso 200, 28-300mm @ 32mm, tripod.
Thank you.

Linda, the tangling/overgrowth shows clearly. This looks like a very challenging photo. How the vines are taking over might show better in a different season although there’s plenty of tangle showing here. Choosing “the right angle” might work with a blue sky background using a polarizer. For me, one of the pleasures of returning over and over is watching how things change with the seasons and thinking about when to shoot a subject.

Good point, Mark and I totally agree about revisiting interesting scenes. I like the idea of a winter blue sky approach and will have plenty of opportunities after this artic air system passes through. The summers will be more challenging mainly because of the massive amount of overgrowth blocking the sky. . . but still curious enough to get it a try. Thanks again.

An interesting image, Linda. The tangle shows very clearly, but there’s really no indication of what the tangle is. We have the same issue with ivy in the northwest (they deliberately planted it as ground cover in Olympia, but it’s everywhere in the woods). Another approach you might try when it’s leafed out is to capture the completely encased trunks or maybe find a location where you can shoot down a bit?

Thanks, Dennis. Appreciate your point of view and can see where you’re coming from. A summer photo would be a great comparison between winter and summer. In the meantime, I’ll scout about to see if there is the possibility of shooting down on the trail. Thanks again.