Misty Morning III

This is from a little later the same morning as my previous two posts. Here, the sun was just starting to break through the fog. Thanks for looking!

5D2, 100-400 @ 285
f/8, 1/10s, ISO100
TK curves adjustments, dodging & burning


Beautiful framing of the forest in the fog! Gorgeous shot…only thing that doesn’t seem “right” to me is that the color of the fog on the upper part of the image has substantial magenta cast on my monitor, while the inferior/bottom fog is more white “balanced”.

What a gorgeous photo! The lovely, warm colors make a nice contrast to the fog. Having the angle of the trees moving from upper left to lower right makes the photo more dynamic. The framing provided by the fog act the top and bottom emphasized the trees. I wish I could have been there with you.

Beautiful mix of fog and color. No suggestions here, looks excellent.

Love this, too. I really The framing by the fog is excellent. I am inclined to burn the highlight at the bottom just a tad more.

WOW! Love the colors and the fog framing. I would definitely have this in my Living Room in a large size. Beautiful capture!

@Craig_Moreau, the fog is so beautifully framing the autumn color trees…angling from top left to bottom right. What a fantastic moment you’ve captured. Congrats.

This is simply gorgeous Craig. I love all the various layers here, and how some of those layers are either fully or partially revealed by the fog. No nits from me, I’m enjoying this very much as presented. :+1: :+1:

One thing you have to love about landscape photography is a morning like this where in the space of 20 or 30 minutes you can be rewarded with multiple high impact images. This was clearly one of those mornings for you.

This is an absolutely magical autumn scene, Craig. The fog adds some lovely atmospherics and I really like the fact that I can get a glimpse of the forest within because some of the leaves have fallen. That little bit of warm light is another nice element as it gives the trees a little more definition. You certainly had a very productive trip to Baxter.

I love the mood and muted autumn color Craig.

Thanks @Jim_McGovern, @Chris_Baird, @Harley_Goldman, @Adhika_Lie, @EJ_Jewett, @Mark_Muller, @Ed_McGuirk, @Ed_Lowe, and @Eva_McDermott!

Jim, good catch on the fog color. I will work on that.

Ed M, yes, it definitely was one of those mornings. And to think I almost didn’t get up early!