Mob scene

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this was taken under fairly overcast skies with poor lighting conditions and is a large, 20% Of full frame. There is little softness to it. Part of it was due to the Slow shutter speed and some motion of the Tree limb s. but it was a fun image to take. There was a injured Canada goose below the tree and I was waiting for The attack fromThe Eagle but the crows got there first and frightened Eagle away. hopefully I will get another chance with the Eagle. This was taken with an A7R4 and 200 to 600 mm lens with extender.

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iso-2500, 200 to 600 +1.4 extender, F6 .3, 320th, handheld, Sony A7R4

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Fun interaction shot David which shows a interesting behavior between these birds. Focus on the crow looks good and renders the eagle a little soft as you mention. There seems to be something off with the eagle’s beak. The yellow overhang of the upper beak seems too pronounced. A nice behavioral image.

Hi David. Very nice catch of this behavior. You mentioned the softness and I don’t know if you exposed for the crow, but the whites on the eagle’s head seem a bit blown though that could just be the softness you mentioned. In the largest image, you can notice that weird thing with the beak tip that Allen mentioned. I have no idea what could have caused it unless you had to do some cloning or used the heal tool (often the guilty party) there and picked it up accidentally. Here’s a close up of the area:

Screenshot 2024-06-11 080027

I had a lot of problems with this

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Much, much better, David. The repost is excellent.

Yes, really like the repost.