Monitor Calibration Device

I’m trying to run a Public Photo Lab in my University, so I need to purchase a Monitor Calibration device. I’ll be working with some Mac and some PC, with “average” monitors. Anyway, i insist on getting the best possible quality, to print on an Epson P900

In my house Lab I’m still using (and happy with it) a ColorMunky , but this device won’t calibrate the actual MAC version.

I’m a little confuse with the current line of calibrators , so I’m not sure if the X-rite i1 display is a good choice, or do you recommend something else.
I just need to calibrate monitors, I do not need to create icc profiles or anything fancy.

Thanks in advanced

I have an i1 that I have used to calibrate my Macs for many years now and it’s been a solid calibration tool. It looks like it has been replaced by the Calibrite ColorChecker Display Pro (CCDIS3). I can’t help on any other calibration tools though…

The P900 is an excellent printer when used with the best quality papers, but lower end monitors will not show the color range you can print. Calibration can help with the white point and brightness, but can probably only go so far with colors.

Some while back, iMacs could not be calibrated but that may have changed. Laptops may not be able to be calibrated either – I’m a few years out of date on all this – thankfully! But I think the recent iMacs and Apple laptops are quite good out of the box. What monitors will you be working with?

Any of the mid-priced systems should work. They should have specs on the platforms and monitors supported. Keeping a “dimroom” environment will be best for viewing the monitors and you’l need to prevent anyone from changing monitor brightness, as that messes up the calibration. An important calibration tool is trained vision, as we compensate so much for what we see.

Xrite products struggle with M1 macs. I had to replace my i1 with a Color Spyder for that reason.

I use the i1 Display Pro on my iMac and am quite happy with it. I bought it a couple of years ago when I got the iMac. I have the Intel version of the iMac, not the M1 machine (reading @jaapv 's comment).