Montana Night

This is an edge of night view from our Montana home towards the Gallatin Mountains. The white foreground lights are solar charged driveway marker lights. The bright yellow house lights are a half mile away. The brightest bit in the sky is the not yet first quarter moon, that is completely blown out at this exposure. The bright star to it’s right is Venus. I’m always astonished at how challenging it is to balance the lights in a night sky photo. (5D3, 24-70 @ 28mm, 15 s, f/3.2, iso 800, tripod and several tries to get a good exposure)

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Wow, really nice capture Mark. Venus is so sharp when I zoomed in. . . love the detail. Amazing.

Very nice, Mark. I like the foreground and the sky is fabulous.

I like this, Mark! The light levels are very realistic and the moon is a nice bonus. It needs to be viewed large as it has much more presence and detail!