Moon over Haystack Rock

This was not easy…and it has its flaws.DSC_3734nx
Single image.
20mm f1.8, iso1600, 1.6 sec.
Cloned out the pretty town of Cannon Beach
Any comments appreciated.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Dan, Night sky looks great over the beach and sea rocks. Would love to see more beach and surf, but this is about the starry night sky…

Only issue I see is wishing for a round moon, but maybe asking too much? :slight_smile:

Nice work, Dan. I like how the beach and rocks came out. Nightscapes with natural light look so much better to me.

I fully agree with Igor’s comment about the natural light - it makes the image look real, as if one could actually be there. I wonder if by flaws you mean that the tip of the reflection of the sea stack is too close to the bottom? Other than that, I don’t see any, and it is very minor stuff…

Thanks Alberto,
The flaw is that it is not sharp…
I was shooting in moonlight moving around and of course manually focusing in the dark.
I love the 20mm f1.8 for the light and the image quality but it is really hard to get manual focus.
I find Nikon lens that way, except for the Macros, they are just have such a fine line and when
I got home about half my images were not sharp.
I really wanted this one to work but I was disappointed in my final result for that reason.
The moon shape does not bother me, it was a half moon and this is what you get.

Dan, I think that the subtle lack of sharpness is not a big deal given that this is a night image. For me the play of colors and tonalities does the trick.

Very cool image and the moonlight did a wonderful job of lighting up the scene, Dan. The focus looks to be off just a hair as this does not look quite sharp. I have done the same thing with a few night time images myself. It just made me want to go out the next night for a redo.