Our first crop of Western Bluebirds is old enough to come in for mealworms with their parents. I liked the pose this one gave me.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Anything. I removed a few distracting out of focus blobs from foreground weeds.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Any pertinent technical details:

Sony a6500, FE200-600 @ 506 mm, tripod and ball head with Sidekick mount, f/8, 1/1600, iso 2500, manual exposure. Processed in LR & PS CC. Cropped to 4968x3528. Taken this morning at 7:30 under cloudy skies.

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Hi Dennis, very nice detail on the bird and I like the pose. Great view of the eye. Looks like he has just about chomped down all the mealworms. Neat image.
We would be on our second brood of eastern bluebirds except all five eggs were duds. Hoping brood number three is more successful.