Mossy parasite nursery

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Among the softness of a mossy branch this small slimline ‘bean pod’, speckled with dew drops, grabbed my attention.

Technical Details

Sony RX100 M6, 24-200mm lens. 1/10 sec, f4.5, ISO 160

Marian, I’m enjoying the “bean pods” and all of the shades of green. You’ve isolated them well. The swoop of the big branch is nice also. As a “detail nut”, I do wish for more dof, so that you had clear detail in all three of the pods. The bit of brighness near the lower right corner is a distraction that’s easily fixed.

Marian, what an attractive “nursery” you found.
I like the soft background and the varied shades of green in the foreground. Two thoughts occurred to me, and I tried them out. I cropped it just a bit to eliminate that light patch of green at the top right corner since it keeps pulling my eye away from the center of interest. Then, I dodged the moss behind the “bean pod” to open up the shadow.

Thanx for your pointers to improvement of my image. Much appreciated. I need to use dodge and burn more than I do - practise makes perfect.

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Thanx Mark for your observations and advice. I’ll take to heart your dof view to build up confidence with my lens.

Marian, I have been editing my photos for a long time, but the creative use of dodge and burn has just become understandable and useful in new exciting ways.