Mountain Ladyslipper, Cypripedium montanum

Washington opened up a few state parks and although we had to travel a little more than the recommended 50 miles, it was great. Considering it was Memorial Day weekend, we only saw two small groups in the four hours we were hiking.

After taking a number of verticals, I thought this composition worked as a horizontal.

Any comments are appreciated.

Canon 5D MKIV, 100mm macro, ring flash, 1/200, f/29.

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Hi Don,

A nice look at this mountain ladyslipper orchid. See how it would look if you brightened it slightly. I think that your comp works as these are very tricky to get everything in focus. Black BG works for me. Well done…Jim

Lovely, Don. I like the composition and the textures you caught. I think I agree with Jim on brightening it a touch, though you’ll probably have to clone over that highlight in the yellow to avoid blowing it out.

Excellent detail and interesting composition. One of my favorite wildflowers that is getting harder and harder to find. Thanks for posting this.

A nice portrait of a beautiful flower Don. It’s very rare here and I have seen it only in a greenhouse. May be a softer image with less contrast and sharpness would have reduced the white little dots, may be.