Bitterroot, Lewisia rediviva

Any comments are appreciated.

I try and get out to the eastern Columbia River Gorge every spring to photograph Bitterroot. The scientific name is derived from Merriweather Lewis and rediviva because after he collected a specimen, pressed and dried it, it bloomed after arriving on the east coast.

5D MKIV, 100mm Canon macro, ring flash, 1/200, f/29. ISO 125

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

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Beautiful. Don. I love the arrangement in the frame and you found a perfect clump of blooms here. The small aperture worked very well.

The muted “overcast day” light really makes this for me, giving great depth and detail to the subtle colors and shades in the blossoms. I can’t imagine better lighting. Then there’s the great framing and comp to bring it all together, but it starts with perfect lighting and exposure. Very well done!

Thank you for your comments. Bright overcast is my favorite lighting, although 95% of the light for this image is provided by the flash (stopped down 2/3 of a stop). If it is sunny, I will shade the subject with my diffuser, my body or my hat.

Aha! A perfect demo of the effectiveness of “light manipulation.” You know that you’ve done well when you fool this wizened old manipulator! :+1: Deep appreciation for what you’ve accomplished here.

I actually keep a couple of small clips on the legs of my tripod for suspending my jacket as a shade and at least one strobe is never far from reach. There’s also a Manfroto Super Clamp for mounting my ball head and moving that down onto a leg in the same regard. I guess the question is whether that rugged old Gitzo is a tripod or a $1,000 scrim stand! :rofl:

Don: Another great find for you and a marvelous capture. The lighting really brings out the details in the bloom and your whites are spot on. Superbly crafted image.>=))>

Quite exceptional. I will ditto the others. No nits!

I love all i this image Don: triangular composition, the warm whites, the sharpness of the vital centers. May be lowering the highest lights in the background…? Beautiful photo.

Don. This is a very nice capture. The ring flash really isolated those flowers from the background. Thank you for the story about Merriweather Lewis. :smiley: