Mr. Fog


The title of this image, and the image itself is shows our very own @Ed_McGuirk (Mr. Fog) in action in the foggy conditions that he so frequently loves to shoot. Ed and I just finished shooting fall colors in his stomping grounds of Vermont and New Hampshire for 8 days. I was hoping for fog before the trip and Ed delivered in spades. We had rainy/overcast and foggy conditions 5 of the 8 days and even on the clear days we had pond and river fog. I contemplated cloning out Ed , but this tells a bit of story and provides a great memory of our trip. Many thanks to Ed for being such a gracious host and for his guiding expertise to the areas he knows so well. Yes he did give me a model release of his image :wink:

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Is this a composite? (focus stacks or exposure blends are not considered composites)

Single image, Nikon Z6 II, 70 mm, F14, ISO 100, 1/15s, tripod

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Definitely clone me out, this image is too nice to have me intruding on the beauty of autumn :grinning:

You wanted fog, and you got enough on this trip to last a lifetime. I never thought I would say this, but we had so much fog on this trip that I kind of got tired of photographing it and was hoping for some nice golden hour light, which we only saw on one morning, and then for only 5 minutes.

But overall we had a good trip, and made the most of what we were given.

Nice moody image. I think that the trees on both sides, especially the left, are little too bright leading once eyes out of the image. Perhaps, little burning and/or a vignette could help.

Turnaround is fair play…

Here is Alan taking a break from photographing New England fall foliage to take part in a “Zoom meeting” on his phone. :laughing:

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Nice image and play on the word “zoom”.

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My only suggestion for improvement is that “two Eds are better than one”. :laughing:


Two Ed’s might be a bit much! :grin:

Thanks for the “zoom” effect, I’m sure no one here wants to see me in focus.

I am really looking forward to seeing the image @Ed_McGuirk took. There are some wonderful shapes colors emanating out of that fog. It’s hauntingly beautiful.

What a great opportunity. Glad this worked out so well for the two of you.

Please don’t clone out Ed. We need him to remain as a landscape moderator. Oh, Great photo.

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It looks like the two of you found some great photographic conditions! We may have mountains out in the west but we don’t get autumn colours and fog like you get out east. I’m looking forward to seeing more from your trip.

Wonderful fun, and a very lovely landscape opportunity! Hope I get to see lots more from your trip – both of you!