NANPA Showcase

Hi Everyone:

The NANPA Showcase competition results are official and announced on If you click the link “Top 250 Showcase Images” you can see all of them in each of the categories.

I was pleased, and honored to be selected as the category winner in birds this year. There are many wonderful images to peruse. I wish I new all the NPN members who were honored in this competition, so if you see a name that you know there (maybe you!!), please add to this thread so we all know about your accomplishment. On the homepage of NANPA they will be featuring a story and bio of category winners and runner up positions. This week is mine, so there is a prominent link and story on their homepage if you’d like to see another small portfolio that they were kind enough to ask for.

As a result of my placement I’m also doing a week long Instagram takeover of the NANPA Instagram page. If you follow @nanpapix on Instagram you’ll see images I’m posting this week as well as all the other great stuff that get’s posted there each day.



Congratulations, Keith! :+1: :+1: :+1:

Gorgeous work, and you rightly deserve the honor!

I looked through the images and found a couple that were by past members.

I also found one from @Kathy_Snead: Link

Congratulations, Kathy! :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Congratulations, Keith, and a great shot. Looking forward to viewing the full list soon.


Congratulations! A well deserved honor.

Thanks Preston! First time for me!

And Congratulations Keith!! Well deserved!

Congrats @Keith_Bauer and @Kathy_Snead! Very well deserved!

Congratulations, Keith. I remember this image. It’s a beauty. Congratulations to Kathy as well, and though I haven’t seen either of them post recently, Charles Gangas and Ken Archer were both in there, so congratulations to them as well.

Awesome. Congratulations…Jim

Congratulations Keith and Kathy - and for any other NPN member who was recognized in the showcase.

Great NPN representation!

Congrats Keith and Kathy, well deserved!

Congrats Keith! A great honor.

Heartiest congratulations Keith and Kathy ! !

Keith: Thanks for the promo of the NANPA Showcase competition and the Expressions publication. And congratulations on the Instagram takeover. Will keep an eye out for your images.

Tom Haxby, NANPA President

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Congratulations Keith and Kathy. And, beautiful photos!