IPGOTY Competition 13

So, I have not seen anyone talk about the IPGOTY competitions. IPGOTY stands for International Garden Photographer of the Year. The sponsor is in London, England and is associated with Kew Gardens. I have been studying the results for some time and finally entered. I was thrilled and surprised to get a “commended” award this time for my shot of some coneflowers. I am attaching the link to the group I was in : “The beauty of Plants” . If you navigate to the main page for competition 13 you will see that there are about 10 categories of awards , including landscapes , macro, gardens, etc. If you look at these, be sure to click on “See the results table” , which will give you all the photos with awards. The neat thing about this is they keep the awards up for prior competitions. It is fascinating to go through these.
I am putting this up here as to me, and perhaps to others, it is interesting to look at all these photos and see the different approaches.
Anyway, here is the link. I hope its OK to put this up here, if not , please moderators, take it down. :grinning:

Great stuff @Kathy_Snead. Congrats on your selection in this competition as well as your NANPA image. Nice to see!

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And congratulations to you as well Keith!

Kathy, Congratulations on both awards. Wonderful images. Years ago I took a couple garden photography classes. They were wonderful. I don’t know why I haven’t pursued garden photography. Perhaps I should have another go at it. Thanks for calling attention to it.

Congratulations, and a lovely image it is!

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Hi Jim. Thank you for the kind words re the images. Garden and flower photography is a blast because of the many possibilities for creativity. They don’t often sell well , but if that kind of thing is not what you are primarily interested in, then have at it. It has an added benefit that it can be done in bad weather in a studio setting.

Beautiful image Kathy! And congrats on the reward.

And thanks for alerting the members to the site and competitions. Quite a collection of outstanding photography!


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Double congratulations to you Kathy. Wonderful photos…Jim

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