New Book Recommendation

I just wanted to post a quick recommendation about Georg & Verena Popp’s newest book, Cypress Swamps - America’s Forgotten Jungle. Many of you may know or remember Georg & Verena as they were once members of NPN. They made the book with the help & guidance of David Chauvin, a long time member of NPN and the best swamp photographer I’ve personally known. Sadly, David passed away in 2019.

Georg & Verena are based in Vienna, Austria but spend a great deal of the time traveling all over the globe with their kids and large format cameras. David introduced them to the wonderful world of cypress swamps and from their visits there they have published their latest book. I just received my copy the other day and I’m totally loving it.

I don’t know if they have a dedicated method of ordering the book, but here is Georg’s FB page link and you can message him through that.

Thanks for allowing me to post!

Bill, thank you for sharing this update on the Popp’s. Although the world has fragmented quite a bit since our very early days at NPN 1, it still seems small with an out of the blue update such as this… :sunglasses:
As I still of course use only film in MF & LF I recall their work very well back in the day.
In fact, if my memory serves me right, Fuji was dropping all LF Velvia 50 “Quick Loads” and the Popp’s bought an unreal amount back then and placed it all in a brand new freezer… :heart_eyes:

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I remember them as well. They were shooting a lot in Croatia back then. And I recall their work with arranged intimate landscapes.

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