New sight formate

Hi everyone.
The new lefthand side bar makes me feel like I am in homeroom and about to be called down to the office for not doing my homework. Ok key over the past years, I have not looked at ever image or read all the discussions but, suggesting I go back and look over 730 everythings.
Peter J Morrissey

@peter - I’m not sure I understand the “new site format” concern. If the new menu bar makes it uncomfortable for you, you can simply click the hamburger icon and hide it and the site looks the same as in the past.

Hi Keith
It just seems like the NPN is saying I am not doing my part and contributing NPN.
I have been a member of NPN sense 2011.

Hi Peter,

I wouldn’t worry about the numbers that show up; I’m sure it’s simply informational. I find this addition very helpful in navigating the site and for me it’s quite welcome.


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Hi Peter, as others have said already, the unread/new counts are intended to help you navigate the site, they are in no way intended to make you feel bad about your participation. It’s simply helpful information that you can easily hide and ignore if you like. If you give it a chance, you might find it to be rather useful.