Next Image/Topic Button!

It’s finally here. The long-requested feature to have a button to go to the next image is a reality. You will see this when you’re viewing an image/topic above the navigator on the right side:


This will take you to the next chronological topic and also bring you to the original post rather than jumping to the last reply you read.

There are some important caveats to this:

  • You need to first visit a category, for example, go to the main Image Critiques category first, or go to Macro Critiques first. Then visit a topic and the button will appear, when clicked it will take you to the next topic in that category.
  • If you navigate away from this category or refresh the page the button will disappear and you will have to navigate back to the category to start over.
  • This will work from the Editors Pick page, Latest, New, etc. the key is to start from somewhere so it knows what the ‘Next’ topic is.
  • This will also bring you to the first post in the topic instead of navigating to the last post you have read, so you’ll always see the image first.
  • I intentionally did not add a previous button to keep the interface clean, I figured you have a back button in your browser so it’s unnecessary. If there is enough demand we can add a prev button as well.
  • I had to temporarily remove the ‘Post Badges’ due to a conflict with this. These are the badges for Nature First, Valued Contributor, etc. that show up next to a users name. We hope to get this back soon.
  • On some rare occasions this is causing the browser to slow down, please let me know if this happens to you.

This also displays on mobile and works the same way.

There is also a keyboard shortcut for going to the next topic. When you’re in a topic and the button is visible just type g then j and it will achieve the same thing. Did you know there are keyboard shortcuts for just about everything? Just type shift+ ? to see the full list.

Please let me know if you have any problems or suggestions.